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Name: No-Prey-Remains (aka Michael Smith when he bothers to use a human name)
Fandom: WoD: Rokea
Breed: Squamus
Auspice: Brightwater
Species: Great White
PB: Mark William Calaway
Alignment: Sinner

Physical Description:
Homid: In his Homid form he is 6'10" and weighs 305 lbs. His eyes are black and he has a tendency to stare. His hair is reddish and is a little longer than shoulder length.

Glabrus(Glabro): He has not spent sufficient time in Long Fins to learn this form, as it is completely useless to ocean-going Rokea.

Gladius (Crinos): In Gladius, he is just as physically imposing as in his other forms. Most Rokea are around 10' tall in Standing Jaws. No-Prey-Remains is more like 12' tall and weighs nearly 2,000 lbs. Like most Rokea who spend a lot of time in the ocean, his Gladius form includes a tail. (Even though he is a betweener now, he hasn't spent enough time ashore to lose his tail) This form causes partial Delirium.

Chasmus (Hispo): In Chasmus, he is truly a monster shark. Most Rokea gain half again their size. No-Prey-Remains does too, however this puts him at a staggering 45' in length and well over 30 tons in weight, the size of a small Megalodon. This form causes full Delirium.

Squamus (Lupus): In Squamus, he is 30' long and nearly 7,000 lbs. He is of record-breaking size for a Great White, which normally rarely exceed 20'. This puts him at a size larger even than an Orca or most Basking Sharks.

Age: Rokea are immortal once they begin their Long Swim. No-Prey-Remains began his long swim nearly thirty years ago. It was five years ago that he first began his life as a Betweener. As Great Whites reach sexual maturity around 15 years of age, this puts him at around 45 years old.

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Image: Imagine the shark in Jaws. Now imagine it bigger. No-Prey-Remains is over 30 feet long in Squamus form, and close to 7000 pounds. In Homid form, he is almost seven feet tall and is nearly as wide as most doorways. He avoided Unsea before the others began to hunt him not out of any personal distaste, but because finding something to wear was more trouble than it was worth. He doesn't have any choice now that the others hunt him, and if he were to be honest, he enjoys swimming Unsea. He's still the biggest predator around, and now that he knows how to eat human food, he appreciates Mexican and Japanese food.

Notes: He is the biggest predator in the sea. If something challenges or attacks him, he eats it. If a boat is making trouble, he sinks it. He may present a slow-witted glutton to the world, but in truth, he is sick and tired of letting the dirtwalkers have their way with Sea. He has little patience for the Darkwater talk of "understanding" the humans — the only way they seem to understand sharks is by killing them! Of course, that sort of "understanding" he could easily appreciate...

History: How No-Prey-Remains kept himself from being caught by fishermen before the Long Swim is beyond him. Even as a young shark, he would have been a record-breaker and he was (and is) easily tempted by bait and chum. Somehow, though, his luck held out and he completed his Long Swim without so much as a nick. He swam the waters of the South Pacific for a few years, battling and eating any threat he came across, until he drifted down to Australia and met Dreamtime's Hunter and Wave-Crest. Flattered by their request for him to join, he banded together with them.

That is, until the wolf-changers came to the reef. All-Seas helped one escape when he was stuck on the reef, and the wolf-changers became curious about what lurked under the sea. His slew sank a wolf-changer ship that got too close to the Grotto. In the aftermath, All-Seas was severely wounded. A qyrling was behind the madness of course, but in the disarray, none of the Rokea noticed its presence. It managed to get most of the slew killed, that is, until No-Prey-Remains entered the battle.

He had been guarding the Grotto, but when Remora brought news of the battle, he changed to Fighting Jaws and attacked. The wolf-changer ship was sunk and the wolf-changers themselves killed by the slew. However, the slew itself was mostly killed as well. All-Seas was killed by the wolf-changers. Dreamtime's Hunter, too, was killed by wolf-changers. Wave-Crest, however, fell prey to No-Prey-Remains.

No-Prey-Remains blames a Qyrling for making Wave-Crest attack him, but truth be told, he would probably care less had that not been the case. In his mind, Wave-Crest should have attacked before the wolf-changers could kill members of the slew. However, this happened near the biggest Rokea Grotto, and news of the wolf-changers and the slew's losses spread fast. No-Prey-Remains found himself blamed for the slew's loss and a hunt was called on the huge shark.

He never liked betweeners. He'd been to Unsea twice on betweener hunts before he was forced to flee to Unsea himself. As a Squamus, he had little knowledge of the humans. All-Seas had tried to teach him the human tongue, but she'd become frustrated when he appeared to pay her little attention. In truth, he picked up quite a bit of English. It has served him well since then, in his flight from Australia and the hunt. He has learned to modify his Long Fins form in the 5 years since he left Australia. Instead of a huge, over seven-foot-tall, ugly, giant of a man, he now appears to be a little less than seven feet tall. He is still not very good looking, but he blends in a little better now than he did when he first came to Unsea.

He fled to Europe from Australia. He did not stay in one place very long. Partially it was fleeing from the hunts, but also it was the Rokea law to swim. He was constantly on the move. The urge to spawn afflicts Rokea much worse on Unsea and he tries to keep it in check. Overall, his goal is to survive. There is no cause that is important enough to warrant dying over, except the defense of a Grotto. He comes to Los Angeles now to be close to a Grotto and Rorqual. He's also heard that the city is big enough to lose himself in for a while

**No-Prey-Remains belongs to White Wolf and was originally created for the Rokea: First-born of Sea book by Matthew McFarland. There is a lot of information from the Rokea Breedbook. No copyright infringement is intended and the information is used only for roleplay purposes. PB is Mark William Calaway, otherwise known as The Undertaker. I am not Matthew McFarland or Mark William Calaway. This journal is for roleplay only and is not making any money.

There may be mature and/or violent content in this journal at times. The journal has been marked appropriately and you have been warned.**
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